My favorite TV shows of all time (in no particular order)

I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, Here’s Lucy, Lavern and Shirley, Desperate Housewives, The Sopranos, American Idol, Friends, Alice,The Golden Girls, iCarly, Sanford and Son, Big Bang Theory, Good Times, So You Think You Can Dance

My favorite TV Characters of all time (in no particular order)

Lucy Ricardo (I Love Lucy), Ralph Kramden (The Honeymooners),
Ed Norton (The Honeymooners), Sondra Clark (227),
Eunice Harper (Carol Burnett Show), Mama Harper (Carol Burnett Show), Florence Johnston (The Jeffersons), Florence Jean Castleberry (Alice), Gilligan (Gilligan’s Island), Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie),
Uncle Arthur (Bewitched), Jack McFarland (Will and Grace),
Every one of the Friends (Friends), Jessica Tate (Soap),
Chrissy Snow (Three’s Company), Dexter Morgan (Dexter),
Benson DuBois (Benson), Geraldine Jones (The Flip Wilson Show), Arthur Fonzarelli (Happy Days), Richie Cunningham (Happy Days),
Vera Louise Gorman (Alice), Tony and Carmela Soprano (The Sopranos), Peggy and Kelly Bundy (Married With Children), Gabrielle Solis,
Susan Delfino, Bree Van de Kamp, Lynette Scavo, Edie Britt (Desperate Housewives), Rochester Van Jones (The Jack Benny Show)

My favorite Movies

The Wizard of Oz, Summer Stock, Singin In The Rain, Gone With The Wind, The Aristocats, Hey There it’s Yogi Bear, The Princess and the Frog, Hairspray, Mame, Fame (The Original), Annie
Movies I have seen more than 10 times
Summer Stock, Gone With The Wind, The Aristocats, Hey There it’s Yogi Bear, Annie, Fame, The Wizard of Oz, The Parent Trap

My favorite Cartoons of all time (in no particular order)

The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Josie and the Pussycats, Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, Pixie and Dixie, Dastardly and Muttley, The Jetsons

My favorite foods

White meat Chicken, pepperoni pizza, pasta, turkey burgers with cheese, turkey and cheddar cheese sandwiches, potato chips (especially cheese flavored)

My favorite drink

Southern style Sweet Tea

My favorite places to Eat

Sylvia’s (Harlem, NY) Dixie Bones (Woodbridge, Va), California Pizza Kitchen (All Over), John’s Pizzeria (NYC), Fatburger (LA), Menchies (LA), Panda Express (LA), Olive Garden, Famous Daves (All Over)

My favorite things in the World

Television, Friends. Family, Laughing, Cartoons, Colors, Creating, Teaching, Dancing, Musicals, New York City, Cooking and Baking, Cleaning and Organizing, Cookouts. The World of Hanna Barbera

People who inspire me

Oprah, Gene Kelly, Lucille Ball, Michael Jackson, Michael Boyce, Sean Hayes, Sidney Poitier, Redd Foxx, Robert Guillaume, Sonjia Penny, Michael Caron, Walt Disney, Frank Hatchett, Norman Lear, Gary Marshall, Bob Hope, Shari Foose, Bugs Bunny, Dan Schneider, Choreographers

Things I don’t understand

People who aren’t on time. People who litter. Texting and using your phone at the movie theater or at a Broadway show. People who curse a lot. Back in the 70’s and 80’s MAJOR NETWORKS LIKE ABC, NBC, CBS had shows that actually starred black actors (Good Times, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, 227, What’s Happening, etc.) not sure why (TODAY) we don’t.

If I was able to talk to my 13 year old self I would tell him

Never give up at what you do. Your circumstances don’t define who you are or what you will become. You have a voice and you DO matter. Always be kind and help whenever you can. You are going to touch a lot of people with your presence. Make it count. Always have it together. Don’t wait. Just do it. You will experience MAJOR obstacles in your life. You can either face them or go the other way....I think you should FACE THEM. You will come out stronger and wiser than you could ever have imagined!